Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Arrived Safely!

After a nice old British man traded me his aisle exit row seat for my aisle seat so he could sit next to his wife, I had a very nice flight! Including being able to stretch my legs out!

We descended into clouds and fog so thick that I didn't know it was time to land when we hit the ground!

When we finally got to our flats (after waiting 2 hours at Heathrow for our coach), we had just enough time to unpack a little before taking a snowy walking tour of our neighborhood! A lady from CAPA showed us some restaurants, where to find this or that, and most importantly, the neighborhood grocery store! Then we had a quick lesson with everyone from my flat block (18 girls, 10 boys) on how to use the appliances. It turned into a rules lesson: linens changed and flat "hoovered" one time per week, the washer is also the dryer, and don't break anything!

Then almost everyone headed to dinner at the Earl's Court Pub for a bit of dinner! The locals seemed quite surprised to have 20 or so American students walk in! We ran a few errands and we're all heading to bed (even though its only just past 8pm)!

Tomorrow we have orientations and grocery shopping in our plans! Pictures will come soon!

Until next time,

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