Saturday, January 16, 2010

Harrods and Hyde Park with a side of Bangers & Mash

Yesterday, a group of 6 of us ventured to Harrods. The evening gowns were beautiful and there was an opera singer in the Egyptian Escalators! The Food Halls were amazing so we got some sandwiches to go and enjoyed them in Hyde Park! We explored Hyde Park and the lake was frozen over! Naturally, we had to test the thickness of the ice but luckily no one fell in (and I didn't participate!).

We found the Princess Diana Memorial, which is a fountain that streams water from the top in spirals and comes to rest in a calm pool at the bottom. The water comes up from an aquifer 100 metres underground!

We also found a red telephone booth and had to be American tourists for the moment and take pictures!

We had a police safety talk in the afternoon and everyone was dreading it. We figured it would be more boring rules about how to not to get in trouble (which we've heard about 8 times by now). Instead, the police officer had a sense of humor! Our first topic: alcohol. He promptly told us that he was still hungover (it was 3.30pm) and was chugging water because he had another party to attend tonight! He told us that his mom told him he has an alcohol problem, and he agreed saying that his problem was that he had 2 hands and only 1 mouth! Also, he talked about drugs, weapons (mace, guns and knives are not allowed in London), and how the English police (who don't carry guns either) get a gun-weilding person under control (8-10 officers run to him and put him in a big bear hug, hoping none of them get hurt).

Then we had an Arrival Dinner at the Prince Regent Pub and Dining Room. Most of us had our first taste of bangers (sausage) and mash. Then we headed out to experience our first taste of London nightlife with Zoo Bar. They played all American music that was new about 6 months ago and no Euro-music!

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