Saturday, January 16, 2010

Longridge Rd.

This is our kitchen, which also has a washer and dryer in one!

Our dining room, kitchen and family room are combined as one big room! It's a lot bigger space than any of us expected. It's also the only place we can get our internet signal so everyone hangs out here.

This is our bathroom and it's taken from the doorway. Because the shower has no shower curtain, if you forget to lock the door while showering (which thankfully hasn't happened yet), the door-opener gets a free view!

This is our bedroom! I sleep in the single bed, which is next to the radiator so my feet are never cold when I sleep! We have 3 armoires that have a hanging space and a few drawers. We aren't allowed to put anything on the walls, which is disappointing because the room is pretty colorless.

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