Thursday, January 14, 2010

More than 3 Streets

Flatmates: Kristin Cassidy, Emily Ponder, Allison Tripolitis, me, Emily Reno, and Hillary Mullin

We started our day with a London orientation and received explanations of the public transport systems, how to behave in the Tube ("Don't Talk") and how "not to tip because customer service hasn't made it's way here from America yet." After a break for lunch, we had an internship orientation. Most of the information was self-explanatory about how to act at our internships so it was hard to stay focused.

The neat part about the orientations was they included all the kids in the CAPA program from the State of Missouri. Missouri State U, Northwest Missouri State U, Mizzou, etc etc were all represented! I met these two girls and we bonded by commiserating about our rock-hard beds and how jet lag made us go to sleep at 8 or 9pm and wake up at 3 or 4am. We'll probably be seeing them around the CAPA campus.

After a trip to Sainsburys (almost like Walmart, but majority grocery) to stock our fridges, we headed home for a quick rest before cooking dinner. I was excited because I found my comfort food, Oreos, but I decided to try Dark Chocolate Digestives, a cookie Joanna recommended. They're delicious and will be great with my peanut butter! Jessica & I made dinner for our 13 program-mates and it was like a big family dinner!

We split after that with some of us heading off to see Big Ben, Parliament, and Westminster Abbey (myself included) and others off to the pub. It was our first Tube experience and we didn't do half-bad, except for not following the "Don't Talk" rule... but hey--we're students/tourists, not Londoners, at least until the working week starts! It was also our first experience off of the 3 streets that we use to get from our flat to the Tube, food and CAPA! So now we have about 6 streets under our belt!

Pictures will be coming soon!

Until next time,


  1. I wish I got a lesson on how to use public transportation here, but then again, I wouldn't have such great stories if I did :-) Glad things are getting off to a good start, and can't wait for those photos!

  2. What did you make for dinner?